Friday, January 11, 2013

The Athena Simulator

So I spent some time at the Athena Gun Club this morning.
I went because my Christmas present from my wife was to spend some time in their simulator. So I'll start there.

The simulator is one of the adaptive scenario environments that Law Enforcement and the Military use. It's a big screen with live video. The training gun is a Glock :( but it wasn't that bad. It has a laser barrel and a CO2 actuated slide. Fairly realistic just with lighter recoil. The training course is an hour and takes you through about 7 scenarios. Once the scenario was done the trainer asked questions about the shoot similar to those that you would get from A detective. You also reviewed the scenario step by step.

I learned a lot about myself and my mindset.

The first scenario I engaged when it would have been more prudent to back out of the situation. It was walking up to a bank with a robbery in progress. Seeing it from the outside and being there when the robbers exit. The first run they surrendered. The second time through the started shooting. The primary got off 5shots. It took 6 to stop her. An accomplice started shooting and got off 2 shots to my 3. If I were carrying a 1911 I'd have had to reload.
This definitely took the original game feel away. Especially realizing that I had had 8 shots taken at me.
The other scenarios included coming home to find 2 teenage girls breaking into your house. A person standing in front of your house when you leave and when you come home an hour later. A fight next to your car in a parking lot. A robber in a restaurant and a shooting in a park off to your side while taking a walk. This one was interesting because the shooter was an undercover LEO.

The Instructor who I will not name out of respect for privacy also went through quite a few things that take place after a shooting event and the police have arrived. The why they do what they do. The what to expect. Like being taken down to the ground if your not there already. Having hands bagged to protect evidence. The detective taking possibly hours to arrive. The fact that they will take your clothes. If you don't have a change you may get a nice orange jump suit. All kinds of information.

I learned a ton from this and would recommend it to others who carry.

I also decided to spend some time on the range. I probably shouldn't have because I think I was mentally done after the session in hind sight. The facilities are very nice and clean. Targets are pricey at $2 and they are the shiny paper. I would be happier with the standard issue silhouette targets on regular paper. All of the staff I encountered was friendly but the environment felt a little sterile. It is definitely targeted at the upscale shooter.

For me I prefer the personality I find at Shiloh.

In full disclosure. I paid for all services. The staff at Athena were not aware of the fact that I am a blogger and the fact that I am writing this post.


  1. I didn't even know that place existed.
    Putting it on my bucket list.

  2. It was definitely a worthwhile session. However it was somewhat more than a general private training session.

    As for not knowing it existed they have been there for 6 months or less. They are just outside of BW-8 on the I-10 service Rd.


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